Brosh Caputal Partners

Activist Investing in Israel


Brosh Capital Partners was established in January 2013 by an investment team that been working together since 2009.
Brosh Capital Partners and affiliates operating on Activism in Israeli and Israeli related companies. The fund focuses on distressed corporate bonds and special situation equities.
The fund seeks to purchase significant stakes in businesses that are currently distressed due to poor management, weak corporate governance, liquidity difficulties or temporary business issues.
Our team and advisors perform deep, fundamental analysis to evaluate and determine asset values and actively manage positions to maximize potential.



Brosh Capital Partners is an activist fund that focuses on Israeli and Israeli related companies. The fund focuses on two segments:
Public Debt
The fund focuses on corporate bonds of Israeli companies that have liquidity problems and trade at double-digit annual yields. The fund will work to maximize debt recovery by actively management, which includes deep fundamental analysis, the purchase of a significant stake in a bond series, and deep involvement in negotiations of bond restructurings.
Public Equities 
The fund is focused on equities of Israeli companies that are unable to capitalize on their business potential and therefore trade below their economic value. The fund will work to actively change the status quo in order to maximize value for all shareholders.

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